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Artur Mirzoyan

Artist, Director, Film Production Designer, Concept-artist

 "My artistic education and thinking were formed within the framework of the traditional academic manner of Painting. That's what shaped
my style in filmmaking. Having gone a long way in the mass media, I want to bring to the world of classical painting the experience I gained
in film industry. The expectation that something original may be born in the end inspires me very much!"

Artur Mirzoyan was born in Moscow in 1981.
Graduated from the Art and Graphic Faculty.
Worked as a director and artist in advertising, animation and feature films.
The Artist 's filmography includes international films with the participation of such stars as: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Valery Zolotukhin, Nina Ruslanova, Charles Dance, directors Simon West, Alexander Petrov (Oscar Winner), Oleg Stepchenko, and others.

Artur lived and worked in Russia, China, Armenia, Czech Republic and USA.

Member of "Creative Union of Artists"

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